Representations of Home Creative Journal

ROAM - Spring/Summer 2021 - ROAM 1

Fernanda Borges

“Nature scares me”

The house hidden by the deconfined luxuriant foliage outside. The long hibiscus branches like arms were all over tying the railings, sticking out like tongues, biding my dreams at night. The morning brought another day the same as the day before, but a new intention was up in the air. Out with pruning shears on hand I was firm to cut the branches that were hiding the sun. Sticking up the scissors, I grabbed a tender branch and cut it. And would keep up with the shearing if a pair of tiny eyes had not been staring at me with the amount of intensity such a little body would allow. It was a chick. A baby blackbird that had just jumped from the nest. He didn’t flinch, didn’t move any of his three little toes firmly grabbing the improvised perch. Puffing out his chest, he was defying me. Unlike me who felt threatened by mosquitos, virus, deadly bacteria, the little blackbird felt secure in the wild I feared stepping out of my comfort zone. Leaving Nature behind I hurried to lock myself up inside.

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