Representations of Home Creative Journal

ROAM - Spring/Summer 2021 - ROAM 1

Linda Levitt

“Far from home”

Sometimes the light

streaming through when the gateway

to the other side fissures

seems more material

than my hands sunk in the bitter dishwater,

the music floating through the kitchen window

when the tiny Japanese girl I’ve never seen

practices scales next door. Exists in sound only.


Tap water splashes cold on porcelain

the way pipes sing?

They serenade the distance,

sing Oregon, sing Idaho, sing Wyoming.

Lovers on the open road, riding out to meet

in Coeur d’Alene. Means heart something.

They consider it halfway. Meeting you

halfway across the kitchen this morning

seemed like miles to walk that single

step into your body.


Before you leave, take this

teacup, take this koan:

What is the color of air in your palm?

The sky over Coeur d’Alene.

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