Representations of Home Creative Journal

ROAM - Spring/Summer 2021 - ROAM 1

Sónia Aires Lima

“The world when seen from a one-bedroom apartment window”

If Mrs. Beeton could see me now

She would be appalled, utterly horrified.

You see, I’ve been admiring these walls,

White as lilies, my pristine brides.

I notice how easily insects tend to cling

Proof of a thousand murders, agonizing.

Forgive me, dearest Isabella,

You can’t possibly imagine how hard I have tried:

For days, I’ve violently baked, cooked, heaved

Until I could do nothing more than growl, snarl, scream.

In all of those books never once did you mention,

How perfectly unattainable damned perfection is,

And how easily could this house extinguish me,

Through polished fetters and shiny rims

Obliterate my will, erase my sanity.

However, despite my inaptitude for managing the household,

A freshly washed window does create a brighter world.

Outside, unaware of the plague, thunder rolls

Mountains are still covered in snow

Streams of clear cool water do flow.

Inside, a maniac ghost roams the corridor,

Crushed by furniture, enclosed in lies

A tinsel angel passing her time, murdering flies.

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