Representations of Home Creative Journal

ROAM - Summer/Autumn 2023 - ROAM 3

home blues

Carla Soares

home blues


our blues a waking sleeping waking song 

in between the lines a promised home


you set the table you clean the dishes            I do the washing you do the shopping

I prepare our food we rest sometimes

we birth children raise children love children                        

You’ll be late one day from some meeting  and lots of traffic a fenderbender  don’t rush I say some day      

we’ll bury the parents let the kids go

to sing their own blues            this day will arrive unannounced unexpected unwanted maybe

the unwitting poetry of a promised home       

meanwhile we must decide on holidays

all those museums sandy beaches                               

we’ll go to the movies tonight you promised so many things you promised


please open that window so stuffy inside       no don’t it’s cold  rain will seep in  come to bed turn of the TV it’s bad for you

don’t sleep on the couch again                       

move over here these sheets are so cold

and sometimes I dream weird blues 



Carla Soares



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