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ROAM - Summer/Autumn 2023 - ROAM 3

Things which benefit from disorder

Sónia Aires Lima

Things which benefit from disorder



I am aware it becomes easier,

To reduce days, months, years,

To mere events of “life” and “death”:

Beginning and End, the very private Alpha and Omega.

But what if,

We are the exact same souls,

Since the Creation of Time,

Aimlessly roaming,

Once and once again,

Our greater purposes never defined.

How many lives have we lived?

How many bodies have we inhabited?

How many tears have we cried?

How many screams?

How many deaths have we died?

And if,

We are nothing but the same

Time and time again,

Haven’t we all already met?

In blood-sodden battlefields,

Damp dark caves,

Crowded coffee shops,

Decrepit movie theatres,

Enchanted forests,

Sinister alleyways.

Haven’t I already heard your whispers?

Haven’t we already lingered in each other’s mouths?

Loved in each other’s beds.

Drowned in each other’s pains.



Sónia Aires Lima


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