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ROAM - Winter/Spring 2022 - ROAM 2

If everything else fails

Diana V. Almeida


Though studies show the very

unlikely probability of falling

over the ocean at night

from the cruising altitude

of 35,000 feet at 470 knots per hour,

that is, to be more precise, 540,8666 miles

per hour, with one accident in 4,5 million flights

we (who have read about Icarus) always

pay attention to the safety instructions performed

with a sad steady smile by the attendant mimicking

the procedures so that, in case of a sudden cabin de-


due to explosion fire fuselage defect or bad luck

               when dropping at the rate of 177 feet per minute

               feeling gravity’s pull amid the growing panic

               until in roughly 210 seconds your body hits

               the cold ungiving waters,

ignoring the risk of contagion you

take off your mask put on the oxygen mask

and keep breathing normally

to reach up to the compartment above your seat

get the inflatable life jacket pull it

over your head adjust the strings

take off your shoes leave all

your belongings behind and get out by

the closest emergency exit for you

know that you can always blow the whistle

and count on the light

to signal your loss.

Nothing is set.


Diana V. Almeida


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