Aulas Abertas - RHOSE 2021

RHOSE 18 - 6 de Abril, 2021, 11 horas.(online)

Representations of Home Open Seminar

Lesley Saunders is the author of several books of poetry as well as many academic articles. Her collection Cloud Camera (Two Rivers Press 2012) was described in Poetry Review as ‘the most intelligent and thrilling book of poetry in years’. Her most recent books are Nominy Dominy (Two Rivers Press 2018), a kind of praise-song for the Greek and Latin literature she grew up with – ‘a feature of this collection is its sheer ease with and celebration of language itself’ (The Interpreter’s House); A Part of the Main, a dialogue-in-poetry with Philip Gross (Mulfran Press 2018). Lesley’s latest book, Point of Honour (Two Rivers Press 2019), pays homage to the radical and erotic work of Maria Teresa Horta with nearly 100 translated poems. An interview with Lesley about the process of translation can be seen here:

Lesley Saunders has won various awards and prizes, including the Stephen Spender Prize for poetry in translation. She leads writing workshops and undertakes poetry reviewing, editing and mentoring; she has performed her work at festivals and on the radio, and worked on collaborative projects and productions with visual artists, musicians, composers and dancers as well as other poets.

She is currently working on a series of poems in response to aspects of the Covid-19 pandemic, some of which can be read here: .

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